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Re: More Star Wars films announced

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Hehe, my copy is a December 1976 first edition. Lucas is listed as the writer with no mention of ADF and it has the original McQuarrie preproduction art on the cover.
Has there ever been an edition of the ANH novelization that acknowledges that ADF ghosted Lucas?

It is, of course, common knowledge (and there's even a paragraph or so about it on ADF's web site, the gist of which is that he never had a problem with the situation), but I wouldn't expect the writer's credit to change.

(And anybody who grew up on any of the Stratemeyer juvenile novel series [The Bobbsey Twins, in my case] is familiar with anonymously ghosted books, whether they realize it or not: neither "Franklin W. Dixon," nor "Carolyn Keene," nor "Laura Lee Hope" were ever real people, nor even pseudonyms for any one writer, once any given series got past the first 2-3 volumes. Edward Stratemeyer was the man who invented "book packaging.")
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