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Re: Is the Playstation 4 About to be announced??

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This is a month old, but Sony filed a patent for a technology to block used games.

If Sony and Microsoft do block used games, I have absolutely no interest in those consoles. It's not just the cost, but also the fact that I still buy plenty of games for dead consoles. What If I discover some awesome hidden gem on the PS4 after the system is discontinued? I'll never be able to play it?

Exactly. I have around 60 Gamecube games. I bought four for full price (Mario, Animal Crossing, Metriod, Zelda), then a couple dozen for $20 or less new. But the rest is a mixture of used and new games that I got for dirt cheap when the system was dying years ago. It's a cool system and I have more fun on it now than most of the newer consoles and that's because used games and old dead systems are really fun for cheap ass gamers.
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