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Re: Idea for New Series

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I don't think there's a problem with the single ship premise, but rather the safe single ship premise. A new series may need to break the TNG mold of having the same six or seven characters from beginning to end. It should be set up so that main characters come and go periodically--including the captain--introducing new dynamics as well as new storylines along the way like most dramatic shows do.
That could work. The only downside is that character development and relationships may be rushed or hindered, but if done right, they don't have to be.

What do you think about changing the number of main characters in addition to having them come and go?
Definitely. There can be two or three running characters--characters there for the entire run of the series--but others shouldn't be locked down in stone. That way, the producers can find out which characters work, which ones don't, and which ones simply run their course after awhile, IMO.
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