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Re: Combating Complacency

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I think I've found the problem.
No. I've been drinking way too much the last few months. I'm hoping some extended sobriety might mix things up.
Oh I'm just teasing. It's a good thing, but it might explain why you have some extra energy or feel restless.
Sometimes I think people overestimate how much I used to drink. I was drinking more than normal the last few months, just because I was going out with people more than usual, but I typically never drank more than once a month or so. Amongst most people I know, I am incredibly boring and straight-laced.

I think I just have too much freetime on my hands. It's the slow season at work, so everybody's hours have been cut back. Over the summer I was working 60 hours a week. Right now I'm working maybe 25-30. It was nice for a while, but I'm reaching a point where I really need something more to occupy my time.
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