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Re: Can a Religious and Non religious relationship work?

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I'm sure it can, though I'm just as certain that it wouldn't work for me. I'm a little ashamed of that fact, actually. I have a lot of religious friends, whom I love and respect entirely, but I just think my worldview is too different from that of the religious to maintain a relationship. Maybe I'm wrong, but that's my feeling now.
My sentiments exactly. Of it is very possible that it could work; I just happen to know it would never work in MY particular case. My best pal is rather religious and we get along extremely well and it's never really even been an issue. But my worldview is too different from that of a religious person for me to really feel "secure" in a romantic relationship. My husband and I are both atheists and therefore tend to look at the world in the same way regarding many, many issues.
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