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Re: What killed the Defiant's crew?

^ and by this same token, if the interphase phenomenon affected the derelict Defiant in waves (not the whole ship at the same instant), I suppose that opens the door to the possibility that part of the ship's hull could have phased out, allowing a weird kind of "hull breech" that emptied out the ship's atmosphere as it drifted in space. I'm not saying this killed the crew; maybe they were already dead.

I prefer the notion that the Defiant's internal systems went haywire after the crew died, and the growing malfunctions from an increasing body of the ship's equipment drifting offline may have resulted in the life support systems failing. For all we know, there could be (very thin) air left, and it could be -100 in there.

Whatever the case, I have another question to consider: how do space-suited Enterprise crewmembers beam out from a pressurized transporter room to (what could be) a place with little or no atmosphere without depressurizing first? I'm not speaking only of Kirk and his boarding party beaming to and from the Defiant. I'm also wondering how they did it in VOY's "Day of Honor", when Paris and Torres are floating in space and are rescued by Voyager's transporter.
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