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The problem with this thread (or one of them, anyway), isn't about you being silly or crazy. It's you seeing some behavior around you that you don't like, generalizing it to a large group of people, and acting a bit like a cranky old person. Attaching it all to gender just takes it to a higher level.
Hmm. I hadn't looked at it like that at all. I use the line " Generalizing isn't apart critical thinking" a lot. I am being hypocritical in this case. I can see now what you are talking about, I did generalize, I can't take my personal experience as the only experience there is.

People are probably not as bad as you think. Things like respect, honesty, and integrity are still very much present in the world today. TSQ had it exactly right when she said that part of it is just about being at a certain stage of development. I don't expect a 16 year old or even a 20 year old to see things the same way that I do. That's not to say that we shouldn't strive to have these traits, but that we need to be realistic in our expectations.
True. I myself haven't fully grown up and achieved a understanding of the world quite yet. I can't expect everyone to have the same aspirations or experiences as me. Another area in which I am hypocritical; I often tell vegetarians in debates that just because they can eat just vegetables doesn't mean I can (serious digestion problems). I guess I am trying to drive a car before crawling in this case, I need to realize that I can't just become something that I have to take baby steps as does everyone; apart of crossing that gap between teenager and adult.

You also get frustrated when people are bringing up women, but it's all a bit stupid to be talking about gender with any of this. The traits I mentioned above (that you have mentioned previously) like respect, honesty, and integrity ... those are things that aren't masculine or feminine traits. You shouldn't have a higher expectation of seeing them in a man.
I have come to realize the true meaning behind the bringing up woman, especially in the shaving case. I have come to understand that it wasn't so much about gender but the fact that society changes, woman didn't shave up until the 1900s I am told, meaning that men shaving their chests and arms isn't wrong or bad but apart of change that happens with an aging society. Who knows, men dying their hair red and black could become the new norm. I am not really good at language again so that is my example to tell my point. Again another place where I am being the grumpy old man and hypocritical because I always talk about how important the melting pot is.

Just because people are disagreeing with you here doesn't mean they think you are crazy. Don't keep saying "well that's why I have that option in the poll," because that's pointless. Discussions are about learning new things, not dismissing the other person as crazy. There have been some valuable contributions in this thread. What have you taken away from this experience? What have you brought to the discussion, and how can you improve that in the future?
I find myself to be more open minded and not so rigged in my opinions. That the best opinions are ones that are thought out. Also again I've seen that I am very hypocritical, saying that people should follow my rules when even I don't. No different that a pastor who is anti-gay yet quietly gay. I can improve by simply thinking about it, using the KISS system and never going with my first thought.

Lastly, I'd say that you should be less preoccupied with the decline of society and people around you. It's not as bad as you think. Conduct yourself according to your beliefs and don't be in such a hurry to place your opinions and expectations on everyone else.
Understood. Again Star Trek is a great example: "Don't be a great man, just be a man. - Zefram Cochrane" I my case it goes "Don't try to be a real man, just be a man."
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