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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

After a punch in the balls the first word out of most of our mouths is "mommy".

I'm half way through reading where Young Scott meets Mystique(it's on the cover, so not a spoiler, and it was set up late week.) and I'm thinking DON'T TRUST HER! She's wearing a belt made out of human baby skulls! Why would you trust a woman wearing a belt made out of human baby skulls, sure, even if they're plastic baby skulls, the girl is still going for a distinct satanic if you fall asleep I will sacrifice you to the devil vibe ...But when you really began to think about what a belt made of human baby skulls nestled over her reproductive organs might really mean, remembering that she screwed a demon and had a baby, the answer is somewhat blatently obvious.

It has to be a mystical chasity belt.

But is it Raven's mystical chastity belt to stop other demons or the same demon from using her as a baby factory or did Azaezel leave it there becuause her lady area still belonmgs to him?

Idiot didn't realize she can move her vagina, but short of asking doctor Strange for a favour, Mystique can't pry the bastard off her hips and she's been stuck with it for 40 years.


What if she gave birth to a littler, and Kurt was the one that got away somehow? And the rest of her euthanized children, she wears their skulls as a belt to advertise exactly what happens to any antichrist some wannabe Beelzebub tries to stick into her oven.

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