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Re: Idea for New Series

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I think you can do a lot with the single ship premise, but I believe the key to it is to have a variety of different stories. Both the original Enterprise and the Enterprise-D weren't always out exploring--they sometimes were back in Federation space dealing with things there, enabling them to avoid the "alien of the week" syndrome and mix things up, even show other Starfleet ships, facilities, and personnel on occasion.

Exploration is fine as a premise, but it's really just an excuse for our heroes to be out there so they can have lots of different (non-exploration) adventures as well.

I also think you also have to have a strong set of characters that audiences can relate to (or root for/hate to love), as well as be able to drive a number of stories as well.
You make good points. However, with a single ship, it's harder to differentiate the new series from the other series, in particular those from the Berman era. It's certainly not impossible, but any new live action Trek series is going to have a very small margin for error and a single ship based series will have an even smaller margin simply because it will be easier to slip into making the mistakes of the past. That's not to say some rehashing would be bad, but the key is making sure the rehash is better than the original otherwise the episode will be viewed at best as being mediocre and its writing will be criticized as lazy.

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