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Re: The 11-foot TOS Enterprise model-

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I think that there's pretty wide agreement that he (Ed Miarecki) misjudged this. To acknowledge that is quite a different thing than the vituperative, absolutist ranting that discussing the 1991 restoration often evokes online.
(I apologize, but jayrath is quite right that the restoration discussion of the Enterprise 11-foot-VFX model should not derail the Galileo restoration thread, so I took the liberty of transplanting your comment here.)

I presume your bottom line is your statement and so is mine.

You are entitled to your opinion that the Enterprise is just familiar and not iconic, but I disagree (for reasons I've already mentioned in another thread that may or may not have provoked your "statement").

The original Star Trek is the most popular science fiction and utopian television series on our planet. It has become a part of our global and international culture and the starship Enterprise is a global icon for a better future not only in the US, the UK or Australia but equally for Japan, Germany and countless other nations on our planet.
She therefore does belong in a renowned museum and not in an amusement or theme park.

As such an "icon" she would have deserved the same respect and passion the Smithsonian considers for an upcoming restoration of Lindbergh's Spirit of St. Louis (i.e. to remove the coating that gives the plane a golden hue to restore the one and only original condition and appearance).

I don't know why the previous restorators for the Enterprise had this tattoo artist mentality, i.e. to leave their mark on the starship. It's quite simply wrong - and denies and deprives any visitor now, seeing the original model for their first time in real life and much bigger than on a small TV screen, to experience the Enterprise in her original beauty and simplicity.

That opportunity has been lost, a piece of history has been rewritten and personally I do feel that this beloved starship - still the best, boldest and imaginative spaceship ever designed - now looks like ....

The Enterprise is a "she", she's a lady and if there's something any man should be capable of understanding is that most women don't like to get wrinkles and maculas. But that's exactly what she ended up with - and that's most definitely not the way to treat a lady!

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