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Re: Countdown to Darkness - Review and Discussion

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April's wearing the 2258 duty uniform - just without the undershirt. Either he wants to show off his man clevage or perhaps Mr. Harrison stole it...

As for the NX-01, it seems an updated version of the ship may have been designed and used as set decoration at Starfleet Academy. Here's a post I made about it in the XI+ forum:
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I came across this while googling and thought it might be of interest. Someone who was there when they were filming the Starfleet Academy scenes at the CSUN's Oviatt Library says there was a picture of the NX-01 inside the building.

Comment 65:
Hat Rick wrote:
The interior of Oviatt Library was set- dressed with photographs drawn from NASA and other sources. There was also what appeared to be a photo of the NX-01, albeit in futurized form. As a joke, there was also a tipped-over photograph of a bull on the photo display at the rear of the front entranced hall.

2. The Oviatt glass doors were decorated with the Starfleet emblem.

3. SPOILER: At approximately 4:00 p.m., about a hundred cadets rushed toward the eastern blue screen at the Quadrangle and craned their necks upward with excitement as if looking at a starship landing.
You heard it here first, folks. I was there.
Comment 86:

Comment 129:
One tidbit about the “futurized” NX-01: There are downward-sloping fins protruding from the belly of each nacelle and what seems to be some kind of gun- type thing where the main navigational deflector dish would be. The fins are fairly long — I woudl say about a quarter to a third the length of the nacelles themselves. It’s definitely not the NX-01 of the TV series
Sounds like they were filming the scene where the cadets run to see Nero's drill beam firing into the bay.

If this account is true and the inside of the library was dressed, maybe the NX-01 picture would have been visible through the glass if they'd shot Kirk and McCoy's pre-Kobayashi Maru scene coming down the stairs from a different angle or started talking inside the building or something.
Thanks for that, KD. Shame we didn't catch that NX style ship onscreen back in 2009. I'd have loved to have seen it, even as a painting in the background of shot. I've followed the link, and again from Trekmovie to Ain'titcool, but encountered problems with the images due to my browser. I assume they were just shots outside filming extras in and around the building dressed as Starfleet Academy.
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