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Re: Michael bay has "redesigned everything" for Transformers 4

I heard toy sales was the reason they kept changing up Megatron's vehicle forms from movie to movie, like how he was a jet in the first, a tank in the second, and a Mad Max-like truck in the third, so kids would have a reason for their parents to buy it without being like, "You already have that one".

With Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and Starscream, well, they did do things like G1 repaints, and there was the Cybertronian hieroglyph "tattoos" Starscream got in the second film, and I remember seeing things like black repaints of Bumblebee and calling it Night Ops Bumblebee or somesuch, but yeah, there's only so much the toymakers can do that the filmmakers can give them.
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