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Re: Last Classic Who Story you watched

The Daleks... Long and stagey but never quite too dragging (even though the movie tells the story in 80 minutes or so - the length of three out of the seven episodes!). Gives us a good chance to see the crew developing...

Susan tells us the Thals' crops have failed and the may soon starve to death if not helped. I immediately said "For just three pounds a month, you can keep a Thal family in gruel..."

I'd never noticed before but in the big showdown, one of the Thals gets blasted in the guts at point blank range with the full extermination effect, then just grimaces, attacks the Dalek that did it... and doesn't die. WTF? Is it Superman paying a surprise visit? The other Thals should have wondered a bit about him... "That Temmosus was a bloody wimp. Obviously just died of natural causes at a coincidentally embarrassing moment. Stupid Daleks probably thought they did it."
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