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Re: A Question re "Trials and Tribble-ations"

For all we know, official first contact between the UFP and the Bajoran government was seen on screen, as prior to Sisko and the Provisionals shaking hands, there had been no official Bajoran government for the UFP to contact...

In "Ensign Ro", Picard makes it sound as if Bajor had been part of Cardassia's sphere of influence basically forever, even if things had only turned nasty fairly recently. This is reinforced by the DS9 insistence that Bajor is the closest star system to the native Cardassian one.

Individual Bajorans, groups of Bajorans, and unofficial representatives of Bajor might have been swarming the galaxy for a long time, both before and during the 24th century occupation, but actually contacting the planet Bajor might have been impossible back in Cochrane's time already, unless one got permission from the Cardassians.

Timo Saloniemi
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