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I was mostly just wondering if you had considered it. A response isn't really necessary, but the way you initially replied made it seem like you'd dismissed it.
No, please don't think I just dismissed it. I hadn't thought of it that way before you posted. I can honestly say that I didn't fully understand the first time I read it, but re-reading it after you asked me what I thought I began to see that my opinions were no different from any older generation watching the new coming into the world. I cannot take my personal experience and apply it to the majority, especially since I myself even stated that it wasn't the majority. It really did surprise me when I read the quote you put and it really surprised me to learn who wrote it and just how old it really was. I think its best (as someone stated in the thread) that I just concentrate on my own self and hold myself to my own definitions and not anyone else. Also its alright to have an opinion but I should be able to defend my opinion;, if I can't its not worth having.
"The typical investor would be better off if his stocks had no market quotations at all, for he would be spared the mental anguish caused him by other persons' mistakes of judgement."
Benjamin Graham - The Intelligent Investor Chpt 8.
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