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Re: Worst science goofs

...In defense of Diane Carey, the Final Frontier chase scene where George Kirk doesn't have to yell "Freeze!" to stop his prey cold is not quite as counterphysical as some have suggested.

The fugitive doesn't enter a room in vacuum - he enters a room full of air, at "minus two-hundred-something" by the inexpert opinion of sidekick Drake (but probably a bit hotter than that, or the air would have turned liquid). So there's a lot of heat conduction available for cooling down our victim. Moreover, the freezing does not take place in seconds - there are several minutes available for it. Finally, the victim doesn't totally shatter from hitting a wall at running pace - "shards" and "chunks" of him spray the heroes when they unthinkingly turn gravity on and drop him from near the ceiling of a "garage-sized" cargo bay all the way to the floor of that bay, but the corpse still supposedly remains more or less intact and a chore for our heroes to drag away.

What's being described there is actually semi-plausible... In scifi terms at least.

Timo Saloniemi
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