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Re: USPS ends Saturday delivery (as of August)

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USPS City Letter Carrier Branch 24.
I don not envy you in the current economic climate.
Well I thank you for the membership. Star Wolf himself has put the kid through school and his parents have old fashioned pensions for life. With the last contract which was forced upon us by binding arbitration a couple of weeks ago and my seniority financially this probably doesn't effect me at any greater rate as I have preparred myself for. However I might be forced onto another route.

At this point we have no ideal how it we will cut staff, and staff Saturday parcel runs. And to do so will be in violation of the just arbitrated contract. The PMG thinks he can act because some services are being offerred on Saturday's and he may be thinking it will be easier to get forgiveness then permission from Congress who has the entire federal budget at its borrowing limit just as the Postal Service is.
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