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^As usual, Kestra speaks truth with kindness. And? Did you consider what I wrote following that?
Yes it was underneath that.
No it wasn't. You made no comment on the validity of generalizing your observations, nor on the history of each generation lamenting the ills of the younger generation.
You'll have to forgive me I am not yet as good with words but I answered some of the questions you asked with this:
I am beginning too and to all those who I did offend I apologize. I certainly fall into the same category in this case as the people I say I fear the future because of.
If you wish I can write a more thorough response, like I said I am not gifted with language, it took me a bit to get the word thorough in this post correct. If you give me some time I can come up with an more thorough response.
"The typical investor would be better off if his stocks had no market quotations at all, for he would be spared the mental anguish caused him by other persons' mistakes of judgement."
Benjamin Graham - The Intelligent Investor Chpt 8.
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