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Re: The 11-foot TOS Enterprise model-

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The next paint job should, obviously, reduce the "weathering" some and make the hull plating lines much more subtle than the current version.
Absolutely! Make the grid lines on the saucer hull less noticable and eliminate those grid lines on the engineering hull and the nacelles entirely (the Enterprise is driven by warp engines - not Space Shuttle booster rockets!).

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The top of the saucer is the only part of the model that hasn't been substantially repainted more than once; it's the appropriate reference for the colors to be used on the rest.
Please! Not again the "paint job" myth! The author of the article, you kindly provided the link, clearly says "possibly" - not "definitely". He assumes and therefore doesn't know for certain.

In the Galileo thread you provided an original promotional black & white promotional shot showing grid lines near the starboard underside of the saucer. In the close-up shot taken by Phil Broad at the National Air and Space Museum (and in the shots prior to the "restoration" job) you can still see those tiny grid lines. No paint job touched this area prior to the "restoration" and there's no evidence the engineering hull (starboard side) was ever painted (to hide non-existent "grid lines" there ).

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I think there's some very small joke signage on the ship that should be restored to whatever the original labeling was, if they can research it.
Are you saying the "restoration" (!) erased the texts at the underside of he saucer (INSPECTION DOOR VENT SYSTEMS CONNECTIONS) ??? Not that it really matters, now, but that would rather be a shame (we got details that didn't exist previously and we lost details that did exist previously. Hardly what I'd call a "restoration").

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