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Re: The Dog Thread: Our Furry Family and Friends

Labradors are pretty water crazy Our big shepherd thinks it is horrible stuff. We took him to a swimming pond once. After watching his humans disappear in the horrible wet stuff he folded up his ears, shut his eyes tightly and braving death jumped into the water to rescue us. He also rescued everyone else, much to the amusement of the children who kept running back into the water behind his back.
We've never taken him to a pond again - it'd be too cruel.

Awesome dogs! Buttercup obviousely enjoys digging (her nose's colour is a giveaway).

I agree with you, B.J. - German Shepherd is definitely part of Zoe and I, too, would guess the other half to be Labrador. This makes her the perfect family dog: responsible, gentle and protective.

Is Zod male or female? He/she looks already quite advanced in years. But he/she is a beauty
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