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For realism's sake, they should have had separate away team specialists all the way, something like "science marines," with the only bridge officer among them being the away team commander. But that would have entailed a radical change in the show's format and a highly ensemble cast.
True, I just find it funny that Riker is like, "No captain it is too dangerous for you,. Come on Data, Geordi, Worf, Crusher, Yar, Pulaski, Troi, Crusher, Guinan, O'Brien, Ro, Quark, Kim, Spock, Gowron, Sela..."
The captain often orders the XO to take a “minimal away team” — typically the android and the Klingon to avoid risking any more real people — when the situation is deemed especially dangerous.

In the more common case, the situation is deemed relatively safe and the bulk of the command staff may be included on the away team. Though the situation isn’t especially dangerous, there is a possibility of a catastrophe resulting in the loss of the entire away team. In that event, the captain is the person best qualified to oversee continuing ship operations and assemble a new command staff.

It’s kind of similar to the USA Continuity of Government policy, “During large, pan-government events, such as the State of the Union Address, and presidential inaugurations, one member of the Cabinet is removed to a remote, safe, COG-designated location.” Only in this case it’s the captain rather than a Cabinet member.
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