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Caitians - height

I appologize for creating the thread in wrong forum by a mistake. This should be moved to General Trek Discussion probably.


Currently I am trying get together information about Caitians for some RP. I've collected a satisfying amount of information from Memory Alpha & Beta and several other sites for my purposes, but because Caitians made very little appearance in Star Trek movies and series and gave even less information about themselves which could be then taken as canonical, it made enough space for contradictions between the various (non-canonical) sources. Currently I am struggling with the height of the Caitian people. Some sites describe them as about 1.6 - 1.8 meters tall (or 5' - 6'), other sites give them a range from 2-3 meters.

So far I'm getting an impression that the correct values are those around 1.6 - 1.8 meters, and that the range of 2-3 meters is probably a mistake.
I'm led to this by the Caitians appearance in Star Trek IV, where they are visibly of comparable height to humans, and by height of Lt. M'Ress from the Animated Series, who was smaller than Scotty. Also biography of Lt. M'Ress published by Lincoln Enterprises (1974) states that Caitians generally tend to be small.
What I am still curious about however is whether the other information of their height being in range of 2-3 meters (for example Memory Beta carry this information), is really just a mistake, or if it appeared in some novel or other product.

Don't somebody of you know where the Caitians are mentioned to be so tall?
Thank you
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