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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

The Long, Twilight Struggle - I really liked this episode. The centauri are very vicious. The fact that they used Mass Drivers, an outlawed weapon, seems like a dangerous decision. We learn that the humans, Minbari and Vorlons protest them using it. You'd think thast the Centauri aren't so overconfident that they'd want to risk making those three species angry. Fighting humans/Minbari would probably be different than fighting Narn. Its interesting to see how Londo has been reacting to events. It seems to have gone farther than he ever thought it would. Draal reappearing was interesting, although he was annoyingly melodramatic at times. The Shadows just demolished the Narn, and even prevented them from jumping away. They would (and most likely will) be dangerous opponents for the othert races. Londo watching the attack on the narn homeworld was a very good scene. The centari's terms were bad, probably worse than I thought they'd be (and arresting the leadership for "war crimes", when the centauri were the ones that used banned weapons, was a cheap shot). The scene in the council chambers at the end was very powerful, especially G'Kar's speech at the end. I'm glad G'Kar is getting Sanctuary. Overall, this was an amazing episode. There were great character moments, very memorable scenes, and an overall plot that was very good.
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