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Re: NFL 2013 Off-Season Discussion

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Romo is a decent quarterback, but he can't seem to win the big game when it matters. However, people have been saying that about Joe Flacco for years and look where he is now.
Yeah, I 'm not really a believer in the whole clutch thing. The problem is that the media over the last decade has somehow got it into their heads that football games are just QB vs QB. Tom Brady has won Super Bowls but he just threw two fourth quarter picks against the Ravens that dashed any comeback hopes they had. That would not be considered clutch. The bottom line is teams win football games when all aspects of the game together. There is also the factor that the ball just bounces a certain way and some calls get made that determine the direction of the game. The Dallas Cowboys are woefully undisciplined and have the tendency to shoot themselves in the foot at times.

Romo is going to win some of those fourth quarter drives like he has done the last few years and he is going to throw a pick or two that loses games sometimes. For some reason the media acts like he is the only QB in the history of the NFL to do this. That comes with the star on the helmet. Hell Big Ben is considered elite and he threw away the Steelers playoff chances in Dallas. Eli Manning is the defending Super Bowl champ and he got away scott free from any criticsim in a season where he really struggled at times and didn't make the playoffs.

I try not to let the media steer me away from what my own eyes are telling me. At the end of the day I can live with Romo for a few more years if that is what they want to do and he does give the boys the best chance to win. I remember the QB carousel after Aikman left and I am in no hurry to spend another 8 years trying to find that guy.
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