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Re: Do You Care About Spock?

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I am hugely disappointed. I thought this thread was going to be about whether we care what happens to Spock Prime in the new timeline.
The actual topic hasn't set off a firestorm of responses so can't we take it there ourselves?

I care about Spock Prime. I want never to see him receive the idiot treatment Kirk received in GEN. You Don't Kill Iconic Characters, IMO. What in hell was Shatner thinking?
I got the distinct impression from reading Star Trek Movie Memories (which was written during production of "Generations") that Shatner didn't take Kirk's death seriously; in other words, that he was still somewhat sure in his own mind that even when they were actually filming his death sequence, Berman and co were actually bluffing and that they'd be calling his agent up about the script to ST VIII any minute now. Certainly IIRC it wasn't long afterwards that he started to make loud noises to the effect that he wanted to resurrect Kirk... strangely enough, that didn't happen (canonically).

I honestly can imagine, circa 1998 or so, the realisation finally sinking into his head that... "my God, Bones... what have I done?".
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