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Re: A parade of spaceships...

B.J. wrote: View Post
Looking good! Are you going to be completely faithful to the original models or are you going to add in any more of your own details?
I'm going to try to remain faithful, but already I've made a small tweak: I've added small rounded corners to the windows, but you'd only see it up close. The yellow tinted windows are from the drawing because I've no idea what the original windows were. I doubt they were one-way polarized glass or if they were tinted. I'd have to watch the film again, but I suspect they were just normal transparencies.

Admiral2 wrote: View Post
One ship. Not much of a parade...

Nice ship, though...
Well, it's the first one, but I intend to do more. Given the nature of these ships they're generally not that complicated overall. I'll post a list of what I'm looking at when I get the chance.
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