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Re: USPS ends Saturday delivery (as of August)

^ True.... a fact most people do not know. What most people do not know, either, is that the conservatives in Congress a few years ago put into law a requirement that the Postal Service must put enough money aside in the next ten years to pay for their projected workers' benefits for THE NEXT 75 YEARS. YES! .... All WITHIN the NEXT TEN YEARS! Money to be put aside to fund many future workers who are not even born yet!

What business do you know that could handle that type of demand on their profits/budget? It seems like a plan to cripple and kill the Postal Service so that FedEx or UPS (and even Walmart is considering getting into the act!) could benefit by taking over the service. And guess how FedEx and UPS and Walmart would show their appreciation to the Congress members who are working to bring about the demise of the Postal Service? And guess what would happen to the millions of dollars that had gone into this fund to take care of retirement and health benefits? That is a big enough $$$ fund that some Congress members would surely decide could go to a "better" use.....

Also, Congress does not allow the USPS to do anything to be too innovative or competitive with the other delivery services. How is that fair?

Ben Franklin set up the Postal Service and it still works for a lot of people, especially folks in rural areas (like where I grew up) and helps out the elderly. Get Congress to quit trying to hogtie and kill the USPS, so it can work for those who need it, even if the service ultimately needs to cut out Saturday service and downsize to a size that is reasonable considering the realities of the newer means of communicating.

Otherwise, maybe we should use this philosophy for other businesses and institutions. Anyone want to start paying NOW for the costs of retirement and other benefits needed by our military as projected out for the next 75 years?
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