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Re: Dallas - Season 2

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Every time I see Pamela Rebecca she reminds of both Denise Richards and Tricia Helfer, like if it were possible for those two actresses to have a love child together, it would grow up to be Julie Gonzalo.
I always think of Tricia Helfer too when I look at her.
For me it's Tricia's mouth and Denise's eyes.

And in one scene, I thought she looked a bit like Jenna from the old show.
That's the eyebrows...

And another thing... Judith Light's character doesn't look old enough to be Harris Ryland's mother. I looked her up and Light is only three years older that Pileggi.
I'm thinking she's had work done since he was born...

Most likely they couldn't find anyone old enough that fit the part, or simply were pressed to cast someone quickly, so they just decided to "old up" a veteran soap actress.
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