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Re: Why is it Deep Space "9"?

Such explanations would be doubly efficient in explaining the low number: not only might it be rare for Starfleet to build or acquire Deep Space Stations in general, but they would cease to be Deep Space Stations the moment they fulfilled their usual mission of getting the locals to join the Federation, and the number would be liberated for further use.

Fun factoid to support this take on what "Deep Space" might mean is the mission of certain starships to explore "deep space" at Sector 002, right in the middle of "shallow space" - a mission revealed by far too detailed a scrutiny of certain background Okudagrams in the new TNG blu-ray releases... It seems that "deep" is not an indicator of distance at all, but rather indeed an expression for "outside direct UFP control" or "contested" or whatnot.

Timo Saloniemi
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