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Re: I hope for more traditional space battles

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One example would be in "Valiant." The cadets in all their hubris attack a formidable foe thinking that they have the solution. But in actuality, they were tricked into thinking their solution would work. The crew goes from excitement to terror within seconds. There was tons of emotion, not just a smattering of ships all over, and on top the visuals were done pretty well.
It was just another scenario of David v Goliath / little ship v big ship. Combine that with poor characters and hammy acting (nothing new in DS9) - that leaves me in a position as a viewer feeling irritated by the cast.

Irritating 2 dimensional characters overacted by their performers fails to present a convincing depiction of emotion to the viewer, all it does is 'tell' viewers what is happening rather than show.

Very difficult to empathise with the crew if they irritate you through out the whole episode.

I yet again go back to TWok, just 2 ships fighting at a steady pace, nothing at all like ST2009 but worked because the viewer sides with the protagonists.

If you are a fan of a football/soccer team, you see them under attack from the opposition, you see your team players scramble back to defend, and you the fan/viewer experiences the adrenaline rush, the sense of anticipation of danger.

Sadly DS9/Voy/some TNG battle scenes continiously fails to deliver these emotions.
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