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Re: DS9's 20th Anniversary

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And also, I thought that The Lives of Dax is listed as part of the relaunch novels but chronologically speaking, the short stories of this anthology do not happen after the last episode of DS9, like it is the case for Avatar for example.
Chronologicaly, no, they aren't post-finale, but the events of one or two of the stories (particularly the Audrid one) do come into play in the post-finale DS9 storyline.
Ok thanks for the explanation, now I understand why it's listed in the post-finale novels.

But I'm starting to be lost When is it better to read The Lives of Dax?
Sometimes it is listed between Mission Gamma, Book Four and Rising Son like in, sometimes it is listed at the beginning of the post-finale novels like in
With what I read on Memory Beta about the Audrid short story that you mentionned, I guess I have to read it at least before Unity.

Do I need to wait re-watching all the DS9 series? Ok you will tell me, it's a rewatch, so no spoiler problem, but honestly I first watched DS9 in 1998 so I don't remember it very well.
I read on Memory Beta that the Torias short novel explains events mentionned in the Rejoined episode, it's why I thought to read The Lives Of Dax. But if it's better that I watch at least to a specific episode/season, I can wait.
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