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Re: How bad is my light pollution?

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Hobart, Taz, correct? It looks more like 7 or 8 to me as well. I expect that the maps at might show averages over quite a wide area or are out of date. The Mount Canopus telescope is apparently going to have to be moved because of light pollution:
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Hell, here in Los Angeles, you can barely see any stars at all in the night sky. Even Griffith Observatory is useless for scientific astronomy.

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. . . Alternatively, lobby the local politicians to institute anti-light pollution measures -- the success of that depending on how redneck they are.
In that context, is being a "redneck" bad or good?
If they condescended to listen at all, a redneck politician would likely only take you seriously if money were likely to end up in their pocket or they could improve their chance of reelection. However, this isn't the Neutral Zone, so perhaps let's not go any further.
40% of our state is out-of-bounds for development as it's world heritage area, and the green party was given birth here. We basically have no industry left and the lack of development has the effect of being stuck in a time warp. I can imagine anti-light pollution ordinances could be pushed through without much difficulty at all.
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