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Re: More Star Wars films announced

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Grievous in ROTS was barely more developed than Maul had been two films earlier. It took Expanded Universe materials and the recent Clone Wars series to flesh him out as a Kaleesh warlord who had been cybernetically reconstructed (almost Vader style) after a shuttle crash.
Grievous still has more character even without the backstory. Maul has nothing. He is just a grunt.
Grievous cooler than Darth Maul? Seriously?? I admit he has a pretty decent design, but I've never found him remotely threatening or intimidating as a villain. He's just a CG robot with a long face who wheezes a lot.

And what's up with all this "character" talk? This is SW. Nobody was particularly deep or complex in the OT (even in the moodier ESB), and yet that didn't stop us from loving the heck out of them. I just want characters who are fun and cool and dynamic like that again.

I don't need to know the life story of these characters, or the entire boring history of their planet and culture.
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