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What is all this crap about real men fixing things? Don't you think women should be able to fix things too?

You either learn to fix things or you learn to earn enough to pay someone else to fix them. Neither is right or wrong, they are just choices you make. And none of it has anything at all to do with gender.
I haven't talked about woman, because I am not one. My post wasn't meant to insult gender.
Thank God that you're not a woman
After reading some of your posts I have come to the conclusion that 1) you're a boy and 2) you have a lot of learning to do to truly understand what it's really like to be a man. Not a "real" man, but a just man.
I've said in a post that I myself don't think I fit the category.
"The typical investor would be better off if his stocks had no market quotations at all, for he would be spared the mental anguish caused him by other persons' mistakes of judgement."
Benjamin Graham - The Intelligent Investor Chpt 8.
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