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Re: More Star Wars films announced

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I remember a Web journal or disc extra where Lucas is talking about Darth Sidious/Palpatine and says something along the lines of "he's the Pure Evil. The Sith Lord who's out for power simply for power's sake. It doesn't matter to the story what motivates him, that's not so important. All you know is that his life has brought him to this point where he wants galactic domination."
Sorry, but: that's just lazy storytelling.
No, it's a perfectly legitimate storytelling technique. Does the lack of any kind of characterization whatsoever for Sauron hurt the LotR movies?

Thing is, to pull it off, you have to balance such ciphers with interesting characters. The Fellowship, Gollum: yes. Luke, Vader: yes. Pre-Vader Anakin, Padme, Tyrannus: no.
In the books, Sauron isn't depicted as a character who directly interacts with other characters, so there's not really a parallel. Sauron is, on the other hand, called the Dark Lord. All we need to know about him is told in the book. In contrast, the information about Palps, that we don't need to know any more about him, comes not from within the films, but from an interview with the author. I stand my ground.
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