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Good episode but...... is it possible for the doctor to have all memories of Jetal removed without there being a massive consequence to the memories of countless other experiences

for example....lets say the doctor is chatting with Jetal and Paris about a piece of music he likes..........then (after the memories of Jetal are removed) he brings it up again with Paris and Paris is like....yeah, you already told me that doc"....Would Paris really make an effort to keep every conversation he had with the doctor in the presence of Jetal at the front of his mind should such an incident occur.....and everyone else on the ship would be expected to do this too

Not only must the crew be wary of any conversation they've ever had with the doctor when Jetal was present but also they have to constantly be conscious of not mentioning Jetal whenever the doc is around

Just seems that removing every single memory related to Jetal would have a serious knock on effect that would create problems.....there's a line where the doc says he hasn't seen Jetal for a while and how are things on deck 11...i think this was intended to show us that the doc and Jetal didn't socialise very often....but even so, it's a bit hard to accept that you can remove an entire person from his memory without it effecting other things

In fact, we see this almost immediately when Seven tells the doctor that he asked her to meet him in an hour and he has no memory of it.....aside from proving the point that, removing so many of the docs memories involving Jetal would cause problems, it also makes one wonder why Janeway didn't discuss the whole thing with Seven to ensure Seven didn't keep having further conversations with the doctor that he had no memory of (she presumably did this with all the other crew otherwise they'd have to delete his memory every week)

any other thoughts on this episode
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