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Re: I hope for more traditional space battles

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They make creative decisions that reflect their views of how to best tell the story and hope the audience agrees.
While that is definitely true, there will always be outside pressure, whether it's from the studio, study groups, or test screenings on a random audience. It can be a more symbiotic relationship. If it were really true that a majority of people weren't jiving with it, you'd think that at least the creators would listen and consider it (I'm not sure that's the case though).

It just seems a strange response though when someone says, "I'd like this," and others jump in to say, "Sorry, but the writers are gonna do what they're gonna do," or basically, "fuck what you want."

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seems a really strange (and condescending) thing to say. The purpose isn't to confuse, it's to immerse.
I don't know how that's at all condescending.

I wasn't the one to suggest that it's confusion. People here were saying that confusion was a large part of the immersion.
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