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Re: Effects updates you'd like to see for TNG-remastered.

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Why is it obviously not the case, given that the only person who did portray Data did age at a human rate?
Because in "All Good Things..." Data looks exactly the same as he did in the show, except for the fake shot of gray in his hair which he did himself. And before people say that AGT never happened or was a reset button, that doesn't matter. It was supposed to be a realistic portrayal of the characters getting older.

And that's why Spiner wanted Data to die in Nemesis, because while Spiner himself was aging, he didn't think that it would be plausible for Data to age as well, being an android.

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Come to think of it, was the Arcos a Starfleet vessel or just a Federation vessel? The Encyclopedia may have made some speculation on that.
The dialogue in "Legacy" itself did not make that distinction; the Arcos was simply referred to as a Federation freighter. But the Encyclopedia gives the class designation as Deneva, which was also the class of the U.S.S. LaSalle, which was referred to in dialogue as a starship. So retroactively the Arcos became a Starfleet vessel. Of course, one can debate that the 'pedia isn't canon so none of that really means anything.

Seriously, though, I don't think they'd need to necessarily cover the size those super-BoP's did. Just something a bit bigger that could believably threaten a Warbird.
My personal preference would have been for them to use the Promellian ship painted green, like they did in DS9. That ship was huge.

My only concern is that it might diminish the Vor'Cha's introduction in "Reunion".
Yes, I'd agree with that.

Maybe you should try rewatching that episode. That REALLY sticks out!
Oh, I've seen it. VFX goofs like that simply do not bother me all that much.
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