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Re: Dallas - Season 2

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Also: Heads up to anyone interested: Linda Gray and Patrick Duffy are on the cover of last week's TV Guide:

Article here.
A touching and informative article. Thanks for posting it. I didn't stop to think that they'd milk J.R.'s death. It's a great way to keep his spirit alive and ease into a Dallas without him.

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I know that we all will miss Larry Hagman on Dallas, but I really do think that the new cast will be able to carry the show, which will result in very high ratings for TNT. I hope so anyway.
As do I.

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Well now, Annie just turned into a real, real interesting character.
It looked like Ryland was dead, but with Mitch Pileggi's name in the opening credits, I figured that he couldn't be.

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Every time I see Pamela Rebecca she reminds of both Denise Richards and Tricia Helfer, like if it were possible for those two actresses to have a love child together, it would grow up to be Julie Gonzalo.
I always think of Tricia Helfer too when I look at her. And in one scene, I thought she looked a bit like Jenna from the old show.

And another thing... Judith Light's character doesn't look old enough to be Harris Ryland's mother. I looked her up and Light is only three years older that Pileggi.
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