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I also want to add: People this is my opinion, I asked a question. I did not say this was how it had to be, this is just my opinion. My opinion doesn't mean shit to any of you, so why take it as such an insult? Do you really care if you fall into my category of what I perceive to be a few definitions of man?
I didn't fit any of the negative (from your POV) traits you listed and didn't take it personally in the slightest. I just found your opinion to be outdated, unfounded, and insulting to others on its own. You don't have to be gay or black or a woman to disapprove of them being mistreated or stereotyped, and the same applies here.

And don't start playing the martyr. You said something people didn't like, and they called you on it. That's how discussion forums work. It's not because people are automatically coming into this dismissing your opinion out of hand without consideration first.
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