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Re: Timeframe question - Tom Baker Era

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No, she was a young mother with an eight year old child in Downtime. Probably late 20s, so she's maybe born around 1967 (so either a baby or a schoolgirl when her father's career takes an unexpected turn), and would be in her mid 40s by Power of Three.
Indeed. Check out her Wikia page. There's no discrepancy that I can see.
Except that if as Sarah Jane said she's from 1980 while the show was set in 1975, Kate would be five years older than that, I think.
Downtime is very definitely set in 1995 (numerous computer log-in screens are seen, showing 'Hello, So and so, it's April 25th 1995' or whatever), so the dating of Sarah's early stories doesn't have any effect on Kate's age and birth.
The dating of the 1970s UNIT stories just makes a difference to how long it's been between Sarah getting home and Downtime (you can, btw, just about finesse it so that the K-9 and Company and Pyrmaids of Mars dates mesh, with K-9 and Company is almost immediately after Hand of Fear for Sarah, if you assume that her claim to have been abroad, working for Reuters, is actually a cover story for being much, much further abroad. Though that wasn't the intent of the producers at the time, and it would mean that K-9 had been boxed up in her attic for two years before Pyramids!).
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