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I was having a discussion where I said that it seemed like the era of real men seems to be coming to an end.
I agree. I'm fed up of all these trans-men coming over to our gender, taking all our manly jobs and using our urinals. Go back to your own gender!

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I also want to add: People this is my opinion, I asked a question. I did not say this was how it had to be, this is just my opinion. My opinion doesn't mean shit to any of you, so why take it as such an insult? Do you really care if you fall into my category of what I perceive to be a few definitions of man?
That's a really lame defence. If it had been your opinion that there aren't enough "real" women around these days, by which you mean women who don't work and spend most of their day making themselves look pretty for their husbands, it wouldn't matter a damn that it was just an opinion. Your opinion on what makes a "real" man is idiotic and offensive, and it has been rightly exposed as such. If you don't like that then stop creating threads about your opinions.
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