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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

Praetor_Shinzon wrote: View Post
i don't get why so many dislike Fraction's Fantastic Four/FF. yeah, its not as good as the Hickman run, but they're still fun comics.
Because he went back and turned Reed into a jerk again.

Admiral_Young wrote: View Post
I don't like the oh Reed has discovered something is wrong with him...but won't tell the others story line. Reed's kept enough secrets from his family, and they've all eventually come back to bite them in the ass, and you just knew that something was going to go wrong with their time travel.
The entire point of Hickman's run on Fantastic Four was Reed's secrets coming out and almost killing him and his family saving him. Fraction didn't seem to have remembered any of that. Also Fraction deaged Franklin back to a toddler.
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