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Re: Kerbal Space Program

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Good to hear indeed.. The full game is still insanely hard for me.
What are you having trouble with? Are you struggling to adjust to things like getting into orbit with the new balancing, or are you attempting new things like landing on other planets?

One thing I'd advise is to go in baby-steps, like a real space program. Don't try to send a 3-kerbal lander to Mun like in the demo, the redone scale of part sizes makes that a lot harder. First, safely land a tiny probe there, similar to the ones I made in that image I posted. The smaller your lander, the smaller and simpler your entire rocket has to be at launch. If you can manage that, then send a 1-kerbal lander as they're about the same size as the 3-kerbal craft in the demo.

Another trick is to try and land on Minmus before going to Mun. Minmus is slightly harder to get to as it's further away and requires a slight inclination change, but it is much, much easier to land on than Mun for three main reasons.
  1. The gravity is much lighter, which makes a huge difference. Landing is slower-paced and it's easier to keep track of all the variables.
  2. There are large "ice" lakes on Minmus that are perfectly flat, so you don't have to worry about landing on a slope.
  3. The lakes are at 0m elevation, so you know exactly when you're coming in to land. On Mun, the surface is often several km higher than the readout says it is and you have to judge your descent with your eyes, which is an extra hassle you really don't need when still learning how to land.
In truth, Mun is actually one of the hardest bodies in the system to land on because it has relatively high gravity and no atmosphere. Moho, Vall, and Tylo are the only other bodies with no atmosphere and higher gravities than Mun.
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