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Re: The Dog Thread: Our Furry Family and Friends

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present one (our German Shepherd #9 if I counted correctly), named very aptly Pasha:

SmoothieX, if your dog tends to get travel sick, mix a bit of ginger into her food. It works miracles.
Also, some flight companies allow well-trained dogs in the cabin. If yours doesn't, you could add to her comfort in the freight compartment by giving her an old shirt or blanket of yours. The scent might comfort her when she gets scared. In the worst case you could ask your vet for a mild sedative.
Also, maybe the flight personnel allows you to check on the dog during the flight if you ask nicely.
Beautiful dog you got there. I had a GSD as a kid and he was just the best.

I'm confined by airlines given the fact I'm flying into a tiny airport. Most likely Delta as I would rather fly through Minneapolis than Chicago, and those are my only two options. No direct flights, sadly.

I will ask my vet about sedatives, but from what I've read it seems to be frowned upon due to health concerns. But my dog is very anxious, so we'll see. I'll speak with her about it and see what she thinks is best for the dog.

Good idea with the shirt and blanket. I'll give her the blanket she uses every night and wear the same undershirt for a couple days and toss it in with her.

I'll make it up to her with an adventure in the Plains (after an adventure on the plane) with her and five her all sorts of new smells and animals to experience. Just wait until a prarie dog town gets a load of her.
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