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Re: I hope for more traditional space battles

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Naturally some people do not like this stylistic choice. Nothing wrong with that. But directors do not owe the audience the satisfaction of their expectations. They make creative decisions that reflect their views of how to best tell the story and hope the audience agrees. Given the ubiquitous presence of the "chaos and confusion" approach to depicting conflict onscreen, I'd say most audiences don't mind most of the time.
George Lucas IMO in terms of battles was very good at setting up the drama. One great example of this was in Return of the Jedi where you had 3 separate battles occurring simultaneously. The battle on the Endor moon to take the shield station, the battle on the Death Star between Luke and Vader and of course the battle between the Empire's fleet and the rebel fleet.

Another example of course was Revenge of the Sith where once again at the end of the film you have Yoda fighting Sidious in the senate chamber, Obi One and Anakin on the volcano planet, and the rebels retreating form the planet.

Star Trek's battle scenes tend to be far more one dimensional versus Star Wars.
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