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Re: Janeway's admiral rank.

Well, the debate can rage on because three pips has also been associated with "Fleet Admiral"...

...Although we might say that "Fleet Admiral" is any admiral in charge of a specific fleet, regardless of exact rank. We have seen two-pippers and three-pippers in command of fleets. We have also seen four-pippers who have never been addressed as anything other than "Admiral", which is fine and well. And we can postulate the existence of a five-pip rank (to match the highest rank in the TOS movie pin system) but we don't need to, as well as the existence of a one-pip rank (to make the system complete and logical) and we sort of need to, even when there's no onscreen evidence.

Should we assume that people like Janeway would have to spend time at flag ranks of one or two pips before getting the three-pip rank? In real navies of today, there are very limited positions available for flag officers, and the positions typically require a specific rank of the officer; it may well happen that a suitable officer is promoted "directly" to the rank best matching his or her position, then. But Starfleet is a vast organization where such concerns ought not apply...

Of course, for all we know, Janeway was an extremely competent officer overall, and the seven years stuck on Voyager were in no way representative of her true ability to climb the rank ladder. She may have been promoted to the one-pip flag rank at triumphant return, skyrocketed through the two-pip rank, and just hit Vice Admiral by the time of ST:NEM.

Timo Saloniemi
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