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Re: A bird flew into my window.
The ruby-throated hummingbird is said to be particularly aggressive and even defends flowers it considers its property.

University of Maine wrote:
Hummingbirds are extremely territorial about food sources and nest sites. [...]
Males aggressively protect a territory of about a quarter acre that contains nectar sources and a perch or two. They chase out other rubythroats, and sometimes large insects such as bumblebees, wasps and sphinx moths. As the season progresses, they shift their territory to an area with new nectar.
Sometimes female hummingbirds are territorial about food sources, and like males, chase intruders away. Because of their behavior in protecting food sources, it is fairly unusual to see two hummingbirds spending time together unless it is during courtship, a mother and her young, or perhaps two fledglings that have just ended their dependence on their mother.
Each female protects a territory immediately around her nest, which is usually outside the male’s territory. She may chase any species or size of bird in defense of the nest and her young.
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^how so? They consume nectar...
that'd make them perfect were-vampire hummingbirds!
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