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Re: I hope for more traditional space battles

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There's been quite a lot of discussion about the merits of ST09-style battles versus DS9/TWOK-style battles.
TWoK is nothing like DS9, the former is vastly superior because it had all the essential elements of setting the scene and viewers are left in no doubt that the protagonists are in a real spot of bother.

DS9 space battles leaves most viewers feeling indifferent, and whilst some fanboys excited by some cut n paste ships shooting at some other cut n paste ships.

ST2009's pace and presentation is indeed very different from TWoK, but ask anyone who watched the scene whether or not they felt the severity and the horror of the situation the crew of the Kelvin experienced by encountering a hostile alien. I am certain most people will take from that scene the same sort of feeling after watching the Enterprise attacked by the Reliant.

Garrovick wrote:

I know this won't happen with Into Darkness, but would it be asking too much for someone to make a good Star Trek movie with no space battles? Just for a change of pace? Imagine a ST movie where absolutely no one dies at all - the last (actually, the only) ST movie that had no deaths at all in it was The Voyage Home, which was released 27 years ago! Not to mention that TVH did quite well at the box office, was well received by fans and the critics for the most part, and brought a lot of people into the theatres who weren't die-hard fans. Not saying I want them to do a remake, but TVH proves that you can make a successful ST movie without space battles/explosions/Fire Everything!/planets being destroyed/starships crashing/etc.

Just saying.
Star trek isn't all about battles in space, I agree.
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