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Re: Think back: Who's your fav one-time-appearing villan?

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The Lethean that tried to buy bio-mimetic gel from Julian Bashir.
Grathan Tolar....
No Altovar was the guy who tried to buy the Gel and psychically attacked Bashir forcing him into a deadly nightmare where Altovar haunted him. The real Altovar was captured almost immediately after the attack in the episode Distant Voices.

Grathan Tolar was a criminal on Kingon death row who Sisko spared to make a Holo Recording on a Cardassian Optilithic Data Rod. The rod was obtained by Garak who paid for the rod using Bio-Memetic Gel given to him by Starfleet over Bashir's objection in the episode In the Pale Moonlight.
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